Affirmations I Love.

I wanted to share with you all some motivational and inspirational affirmations that I love.

These have helped me through some of the hard times in my life and continue to help me whenever I need a little reminder about what’s important. So, if you’re ever feeling down, or you’re just looking for a general pick me up, these are perfect! You can write them down on pieces of paper, or in even in a journal. I find it helpful to read them over when I am going to sleep, or first thing when I wake up in the morning.

I hope these affirmations will help you in every way they can, as they have always done for me!

Here are some…AFFIRMATIONS I LOVE…<3 xo

“i stand strong in my personal power. – i am a creative human being with unlimited potential. i create a space for anything i want in my life to appear and i appreciate and seize every opportunity.”

“my life is too short not to do what i love. – my life is what i make it out to be. i am present and living in the moment and anything i want for my like is waiting for me. i love what i do and i do what i love.”

“i release all fears and doubts. – i release myself from fear and doubt. fears and doubts are nothing but stumbling blocks. i am strong with limitless possibility.”

“i am worth loving. – i honor and accept myself as the unique human being i am. i am content, alive and worthy. i give and receive love unconditionally.”

“i don’t make assumptions. – i am powerful when dealing with situations and base all my decisions on fact, honesty and integrity. i do not assume, but choose powerfully after consideration of all facts.”

“everything i lose is found again; everything that is hurt is healed again. – everything in my world happens as it’s meant to happen each change or experience teaches me to grow and leads me to the path i am meant to take.”

“i know that my way is not the only way. – each day i am open to new possibilities the universe has in store for me. i listen, acknowledge and choose powerfully what opportunities i take, appreciating all that is offered.”

“i am willing to forgive. – i put the past behind me and i open my life to the endless freedom available through forgiveness.  i give myself permission to forgive and greet the possibilities now available to me with an open, loving heart.”

“i think before i speak. – i acknowledge words have the ability to impact other peoples lives. i think before i speak and i speak words of support, compassion and love to all.”

“i cannot be a victim and be happy. – i am a powerful human being capable of achieving my dreams. i am content and happy with my life. nothing constrains me. i choose each day to live my life and achieve my dreams.”

“my life is supposed to be fun. – i allow my actions to be infused with laughter and joy. i live my life to the fullest, never taking any moment to seriously and i am blessed with an amazing life.”

“i release all criticism. – i appreciate and accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. criticism is just that: nothing more, nothing less. i choose powerfully and with love how or whether i react.”

“i feel no guilt when i say NO to someone. – i create daily and choose powerfully the way i live my life. everything i do is done for higher good for myself and for others. i trust in my judgement and in the decisions i make.”

“i love and approve myself. – i am secure in my own skin. i love and approve of myself and i accept my own individuality.”

“i am patient. – i am patient, loving and kind. i know that i am in the right place at the right time and the universe will provide.”

“i make healthy choices. – my body works tirelessly to protect me, i nourish it by making healthy choices and i support it with the goodness, love and respect it deserves.”

“i don’t have to be a slave to makeup or the latest trends. – i am perfect in all that i am and all that i am not. nothing external to me determines my self worth. i am happy and content in being me.”

“it’s okay to be lonely now and then. – i take time out to be alone. i reflect on what’s important and what i want for my life. i take time to nurture my soul and i’m at peace with myself.”

“loving others is easy when i love and accept myself. – my love flows freely to others as i allow myself to love, respect, appreciate and accept myself.”

“whatever happens, i know i can handle it. – i trust in my body’s innate wisdom and i trust in the universe. i follow my intuition and i know that nothing is put before me that i can not handle.”

“i enjoy the friendship and companionship of others. – i welcome new friends and reinforce existing relationships. i find time to consider the needs and dreams of others and share in their joy.”

“i have friends that i can talk to. – i express myself fully and openly with my friends. i support them and they support me as we grow in our friendship and experience all that life offers us.”

“i demonstrate love through my actions. – everything i do is without malice or judgement. i show my love through my actions and through words of compassion.”

“it’s ok to be sad sometimes. – everything in my world, good or bad, creates who i am. i allow myself to experience all emotions. sadness grants me the opportunity to fully appreciate all that i have.”

“i maintain a positive attitude. – i breathe positivity into my life with every breath i take. i see every experience, good and bad, as an opportunity to grow and expand my existence. i choose powerfully how i react and i react powerfully to all that life offers me.”

“my family totally supports me in fulfilling my dreams. – i am supported, loved and appreciated. my family and friends support me in achieving my dreams.”

“i compliment and praise others, which enriches both of our lives. – i take time to acknowledge people for the gift they are in my life. i recognize and appreciate the love that enriches my soul.”

“i release ill feelings toward others without seeking retribution. – i am forgiveness and love, and i move forward knowing the past does not impact on me or my future. every ill feeling i have  had is removed and replaced by acceptance and love.”

“every relationship teaches me something valuable about myself and others. i am open to continually learning new things and being contributed to others. every relationship i forge grants me an opportunity to learn new things about myself and others.”

“i am grateful for all that i have in life. – i am gratefulness, abundance and love. i cherish my life and i am truly blessed. all that i have and all that i am comes from the power of being grateful.”

- Alli Simpson..xo

Affirmations I Love.

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