Back To School – Pros And Cons

Every morning when you wake up, you have 2 choices. You can choose to be happy, or you can choose to be sad. Today is a school day… Hmmm… I choose “sad.”

Since we are all going back to school, I thought I’d do a little post about the good things and bad things about it. This is usually what goes through my mind during school, before school, and after school.


GOOD: Yes! I get to see everyone I didn’t get to see over the summer.

BAD: Wait.. who ever I didn’t see I probably didn’t want to anyway. #LOL


GOOD: I hope I meet some cool new friends this year.

BAD: Hmm.. How to hide from the enemies I made last year. #NowhereToRun


GOOD: At least I get to pick a new place to sit.

BAD: Just my luck.. All the spots next to the hot guys in class are already taken. #Spewin


GOOD: Maybe I’ll get a cool new teacher!

BAD: What if the teachers I didn’t like last year, have been transferred up a grade. Uhh Ohh.. #Nightmare


GOOD: Which new outfit should I rock today?! Yes, I found something perfect.

BAD: My life is over, my EX best friend is wearing the same outfit as me. #Embarrassing


GOOD: Yesss, I get to see my crush today! I wonder if he’ll notice me.

BAD: OMG, I just saw my crush with another girl, and CLEARLY they’ve been hanging out all summer. #Devastated


GOOD: Hallelujah! The weekend is finally here. Weekends never seemed so good!

BAD: Ughh, monday morning… Some kill me now. #TellMeWhyIDontLikeMondays


GOOD: My hair looks totally amazing today, so stoked for everyone to see it.

BAD: Bad hair day, which hat can I wear today? #PraiseTheHat


GOOD: Yes, my new teacher doesn’t believe in homework.

BAD: Wait.. He just had a meeting with the principle, and he changed his mind.. #ToGoodToBeTrue


GOOD: Yes, it’s only 6am.. I still have another hour to sleep.

BAD: Oh Gosh.. Is it 7am. Can I pretend to be sick for the 4th day in a row. #WillMumBuyIt


GOOD: This is great.. it’s Wednesday. No math class today! YESSS.

BAD: Wow, my teacher just threw a surprise pop quiz. #PrepareToDie


GOOD: It’s lunch time! Pizza & Sushi are the lunch choices today. This is amazing.

BAD: Wait.. they’re serving meatloaf today. #HowOneBecomesVegetarian


GOOD: Yes, my pro-active worked over the summer. My face looks as fresh as a babys bottom.

BAD: Wait, is that a volcano on my forehead? #LifeIsOfficiallyOver


GOOD: Wow, for the first time ever they are serving nutella sandwiches at recess. I loveeeeee nutella!

BAD: So picture this.. you are wearing the cutest new white jeans that you bought yesterday. You see the hottest jock in school at lunch and walk over to him in the sexiest way you know how, give him your cutest grin and sit down right next to him. Wait, please don’t tell me that is his nutella sandwich I’m sitting on. Yep, it is. #ThatJustHappened


Life at school really just comes down to your attitude, you can choose to enjoy it, or just forget it ever happened.


- Alli Simpson..xo






Back To School – Pros And Cons

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