15 Festival MUST HAVES!

My favorite time of the year is coming up, FESTIVAL SEASON! I couldn’t be more excited because there are so many festivals and concerts coming up in the next few months! I am going to show you my festival MUST HAVES and essentials to get you through those long festival weekends! 1. SUNGLASSES! You can [...]


Girls! I have found a fashion accessory that I just can’t get enough of! The classic choker. By now you’ve probably seen it on Instagram, in your favorite stores, on your favorite models, and possibly someone who lives next door: that’s right, babes — the choker is back! And it’s gaining popularity by the second! There’s [...]


LADIES! Is it just me, or are you obsessed with Gigi’s latest Fashion Week & NYC Street Style looks?! She is absolutely killing the fashion game. I constantly look to her for day to day fashion inspiration. I’ve collected some of my favorite looks from Miss Hadid lately – here they are! 1. Post Balmain [...]

6 Lipsticks You Need

As a follow up to my blog post about lining your lips, I’m going to tell you the top 6 lipsticks you need to own, like right now. These lipsticks are favorites of mine and I know you’ll love them too. They’re mostly nudes and pinks but I swear they’re the perfect shades.   1. [...]

Valentine’s Day Inspired Accessories

Who says you can’t treat yourself on Valentine’s Day? This time of year is a lot of fun for me because everything seems to be pink or in the shape of a heart, which I love. I’ve found a bunch of super cute Valentine’s Day themed accessories and knick knacks that still work year round. [...]

The Perfect Highlight

Everyone wants a beautiful glow to their face, and I’m gonna tell you exactly how to get it. Having luminous skin is sought after right now. There are so many different types of highlighters out there that it can be a little intimidating to a beginner, but it’s a lot easier than you think! In [...]