Don’t Be Afraid Of Change!

“A change is as good as a holiday”, they say.   And chicks this is very true because change can be invigorating and energizing, just like a holiday. It can refresh your body and revitalise your mind and your attitude. Change can bring you new confidence and help you find something you never knew you [...]

Selfies101 – “The Dos & The Don’ts”

SELFIES 101 “Let me take a selfie”. DON’T say that! This was a fun song but that time is over. “It is so last year” as they say in the classics. DO try some different angles or directions or attitudes. Get creative with your selfies rather than just having you and your friend smiling at [...]

Hottie Of The Week

Guess who my Hottie Of The Week award goes to this week…? Girls! Have any of you seen the new hit movie, “The Giver”? Did your heart melt? That’s right, this weeks hottie is Brenton Thwaites. To keep up to date with this cutie, check him out on twitter –! You’d be crazy not [...]

Should You Give Your Ex a Second Chance?

Whether you’re reconnecting with a great love or a flame that fizzled, reviving a past relationship can be the best thing ever—or a massive mistake. While it’s of course impossible to predict the future and know if settling down for a second time is 100% the right move, there are ways to make a more [...]

“Being Called Chubby” With Alli Simpson

So girls… Ever been called chubby? Welcome to my world Sister! I can totally empathize with you. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Watch my new video (link below) to see what I have to say about it. Remember no one is perfect and don’t forget to love yourself and who you are on the [...]

Summer “TO DO” List

Hello little rays of sunshine!   I was browsing the new and came across this little inspirational summer “to do” list on my friends site -  and wanted to share it. I love it!     – Alli xox