Cute Date Ideas!

A lot of girls and guys ask me for what I think are great dating ideas…and you know dating, like everything else, depends on a few different things like whether you know each other well, how much money you might have or if the weather is just too perfect to stay inside. SO, thinking of all that, I thought it might be fun to give different dating ideas for different situations! Read on, and let me know what you think!

1. A cute first date would be an evening at Disneyland or an amusement park… You’ll have plenty of time to talk and have fun! (Plus, it’s a great opportunity to hold you guys hand on scary rides!)

2. If it’s your first date, and you are a little nervous to hang with your guy alone. My idea would be to go to the movies with a group of friends! Or hit the mall with some friends. That way, you won’t have any awkward moments. But if you’re feeling good, and things are going well…you may be with a bunch of friends, but it doesn’t mean you both have to sit by them! You’re friends will understand… (;

1. A coffee shop or cafe for lunch is a  fun and casual date idea.  It’s cheap, fun and intimate enough nand it is casual enought so it doesn’t put too many expctations on anyone!  It’s a great time to have a good chat, and get to know each other a little more.

2. Have your guy come over to your house and cook together! You can have fun, and be cute whilst cooking! Bake a cake, or cookies. Whatever you decide on… It also gives you time for some kissing in between batches! Haha!

1. Go to the beach with your guy! It’s always an adventure… It’s fun to just hang out, tan, chat and swim!

2. If you don’t live by the beach, or even if you do, another fun date is to take a nice walk in the woods. It gives you time to talk and be away from everything else. Take a picnic along, with your favorite treats! It’s fun, active and romantic… A date you both will never forget!

1. A great cheap idea is to go to your boyfriends house (or the other way around) and hang out! For example; watch movies, play video games, explore the neighborhood. It’s lets you both have fun and have time to talk to each other. It also gives you the chance to have some private time together… You know what I mean! Haha!

2. Make a list of movies that you both want to see, pick a few of your top ones…cuddle up on the couch with a warm blanket and have a huge movie day! It’s loads of fun, and super romantic.

3. At night, go someplace quiet and clear and spend some time with a blanket and just gaze at the stars! It gives you time to talk and snuggle.

SO, there we have it. Try a few of these and let me know whether you and your special friend had a great time! <3 (;

- Alli Simpson..xo

Cute Date Ideas!

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