Finding Cody – Interactive Movie

Finding Cody is an interactive movie adventure starring Lia Marie Johnson and Gatlin Green, featuring my bro, Cody Simpson and myself.

Finding Cody puts YOU in control of the action! With many surprises and outcomes, you can try playing all 31 chapters to help Lucy and Lilly, two of Cody’s biggest fans, find Cody at a concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA.

You’re in control of Lucy and Lilli’s wild adventure, so make the right choices, you might just end up in Cody’s dressing room or on stage with him… Hahaha!

There are many different ways to find Cody, but you’ve got to find the right.

In order to play the movie, please have your annotations turned on. Currently, iPad and iPhones do not support Flash Based Interactive Games.

For the best “Finding Cody” experience, we recommend watching on a computer with good speakers, a fast connection and your best friends!

This game is super fun, play it here! –

- Alli Simpson..xo

Finding Cody – Interactive Movie

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