Flirt Like A Pro!


Girls, we all know that we can struggle flirting with that certain someone or that boy you are just starting to like… and honestly, it can be hard, especially when trying to impress them while still true to being yourself! So I decided to give you a few tips and lessons on how I came to flirt like a pro!

I believe the most important thing to focus on is being yourself! It’s a great start. We all know that while trying to impress someone it can be easy to fall into the idea of trying to be perfect for them. At first it may seem like a good idea but later on you won’t be happy because you won’t be able to act normal and have fun around them!

Eye contact! In order for a guy to know you are into him you have to give him a hint. Every now & then the best thing to do is give him a quick glance and a smile, it will help show you are confident and interested in him! Or hold a look during a conversation for just a little longer than usual. The eyes tell all!

Try to start the conversation and make the first move yourself! A lot of the time we think it’s up to the guys, but it’s really now. Show confidence! It can be pretty nerve wracking making the first move at times but I know that when I start the conversation first with a guy it gives them a pretty good idea that I am into them and also shows that you know what you want and what you are looking for!

Find a common interest whether it is a sport, travel, a book, a movie, hobby, the beach, anything! If you find something that you are both interested in it will make it easier for you to carry on the conversation and also make it more exciting. You could even plan a fun date revolving around it!

Don’t overthink it! Overthinking is the worst thing to do to yourself. There have been times where I over think what a guy says to me, especially because you have no idea what is going through their head – so try not to worry! If you’re not over thinking, you’ll feel more relaxed and then you will forsure be happier… and then you’ll be on your A-­GAME no doubt.

Leave him wanting more! One you feel the conversation coming to an end make it clear if you want to see him again! For example, if you want him to call make sure you give him your number, but if you want rather call him give him yours. Make sure you end the conversation with a flirtatious smile and he will without a doubt want to see you again. Keep it cool! Guys like a game.

No one’s perfect at flirting the first time around, I know for a fact I wasn’t…LOL!

The idea of flirting can be scary especially if you really like him – but don’t worry, with more practice you will be an expert at no time. The more you flirt, the easier it’ll get I promise.

Happy flirting babesssss!

- Alli Simpson <3 xo

Flirt Like A Pro!

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