He Says, She Says

Since I know you girls love it when I blog about guys or relationships, I thought I’d write a quick blog called “He Says, She Says” !

And by “He Says, She Says” I mean.. I’m going to list a few things that I have found guys look for in a girl… (according to my guy friends and my brother) and a few things that us girls look for in guys!

He Says:

1. Guy like girls with some confidence. (Not too much confidence though, they find that annoying!)

2. A girl that has her own identity.. (This means, she has her own charms, her own way of being different from other girls.)

3. Obviously, guys like girls with good bodies (not too skinny, but healthy/fit). As my brother says.. “Every girl is beautiful in their own way, and there is a guy out there for every girl.”

4. Guys like girls who don’t flirt with every guy at a party. (Girls who are themselves, and just can have fun!)

5. Guys like girls who are fun-loving and don’t take themselves too seriously. No drama queens!

She Says:

1. I say, girls don’t want guys to act like jerks around their friends or a in a group of people, but act like themselves around everybody, especially you. MAJOR turn-off if a guy changes like that.

2. I think it’s very sweet and it really makes a girl notice when a guy does nice things for her, and I’m not saying stalk her or do everything for her, but it is very cool when a guy surprises a girl with just little random acts of kindness.

3. We were all waiting for this one.. Yes, us girls do like guys with a good body, and good looks! But I think it doesn’t have to be perfect, because I don’t like it when guys care too much about their appearance. We do like a boy that looks after himself though, (i.e. showers regularly, stays fit)

4. I find it cute if the guy talks to a girl first, and it’s a nice feeling when a boy texts me before I text. My friends agree, it lets a girl know the guy is thinking about her.

5. Girls like guys who are funny. Guys that have a great sense of humor are super cute. We like guys that we can just have fun with!

So there are just a few things, according to some teens I know (myself included!) about what guys and girls look for in each other! Of course, everybody has their own opinion….What do YOU think?

- Alli Simpson..xo

He Says, She Says

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