Labors Of Love

Hey everybody!

Right now, I am doing an art project in school, using 1000 cranes that were a gift to my brother and me in Japan.
Some of you may know the legend about the 1,000 cranes in Japan.

If not… According to Japanese lore, folding 1,000 Origami Cranes is truly a labor of love. Receiving such a gift made Cody and I very grateful. A very sweet young girl really showed her talent and her love…. So we decided to make a big art project out of it!
Doing this reminded me that how you don’t have to do something as extravagant as folding 1,000 cranes. Even something small or simple can spread a great deal of love.

It is easy so spread love, or to pass happiness from one to another. Whenever you speak kind words to someone it brightens up their whole day. Or, if you can you bake something, or make something for somebody it can instantly add a lift to their day. You know, just by doing a little something that does not take so much work you can make someone’s day.

Do me a favor, and do you yourself a favor. Share a random act of kindness today! It can be as easy as smiling at a stranger that walks by, or giving a simple hug to someone who may need it. It not only makes them feel good, but it makes you feel good too.

Spread the love! <3

- Alli Simpson..xo

Labors Of Love

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