Messy Buns!

Hey girls! Ok, I have a new favorite hair style! As you have probably seen in my recent instagrams… I have become very fond of the Messy Bun!

The messy hair bun looks chic and cool and they’re super easy to do. If you have long hair or short hair, messy buns are a cool way to style your hair in any season! Buns are also perfect for a bad hair day or lazy day. The best thing… is that you can wear them with any casual or formal outfit! Whether it’s to school, work, dinner, formal or anywhere at anytime of the day!

You can pretty much tie the bun how ever you would like!

But…here are some examples of my messy bun and some others!

I think it’s super cute and causal… But you can either love it or hate it!

- Alli Simpson..xo

Messy Buns!

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