Summer Swimsuit Styles!

Hey girls! As we all know that here in America, summer is approaching. Yayyyyy!

So, that means it’s time to pull out the bikinis and beach attire again! Depending on your confidence and body type, there will always be a perfect swimsuit or bikini style that will be just right for you. No matter what shape or size.

Remember – Summer is about the beach, fun, and friends and your body. Your body is your body and you gotta love what you have!┬áDo not compare yourself to anyone else. This is your summer, you are beautiful, and you’ve got to believe it! As goes for my favorite quote – “Nothing makes a women more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful!”

Some of my favorite swimwear brands are Seafolly, Molly And Polly, Black Milk, Billabong and Victorias Secret Swim! Also H&M, Sunburn and places like Target have inexpensive, but cute swimmers too!

One of the biggest mistakes that girls often make around the summer time is getting a swimsuit that does not suit their body type. It is important to rock a suit that suits you and a suit that you are comfortable in. There’s no need to follow trends, do what you want and you can rock it!

There are multiple styles of bikinis and swimsuits! For example, the triangle bikini, the tankini, bandeau strapless bikini, a one piece, a cropped top & bottom, high waisted hipsters and more!

Here are a few different swimwear styles and cuts to try! Try them all and see what works best on your body type!







These are only some styles of the hundreds out there! Find the type that is right for you!


Girls – A hint for summer! When I know that summer is coming up, I start to prepare to get fit because I know I want to be happy and have a fun, relaxed and comfortable summer! It’s a good time to start eating healthy and doing some exercise so you can be as confident as you can and feel better than ever this summer!

Another cheeky hint for a cute suit this summer is to get a pair that is the same color as your eyes – it makes them pop and looks super cute on the beach! That’s why I tend to go for the blue-ish colored bikinis to match my eyes. You should try it too!

P.S. My personal favorite style is the classic Triangle Bikini – a cute but sneaky sexy triangle shaped top and low on the hips, hipster pants.

Have a good summer girls and rock that body!

- Alli Simpson..xo

Summer Swimsuit Styles!

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