Summer Swimwear

With summer approaching I know there is one thing on all of our minds, BATHING SUITS!

In my opinion I believe that if you are comfortable you should be able to rock whatever type of look you want, although it may be though you shouldn’t have to worry about what other people are thinking of you! Whether you are going on a summer vacation, day trip to the beach or even simply tanning in your backyard a bathing suit is a must! Here are some of my favorite styles and looks for summer!

I think my favorite look would have to be the one piece! I feel like they went out of style for a little while but do not worry they are BACK! Just in the past few months I have seen so many more girls rocking them especially at the beach. You can even turn it into a cute outfit by throwing some shorts over it and making it look like a bodysuit! There are so many different styles it’s endless, you are bound to find one that makes you look and feel good!

Another look I love is the high neckline. This look has started to become more and more popular! This style is perfect if you are going to the beach or plan on swimming because your suit is bound to stay on while going under the waves or splashing around in the pool.

A look that I think is super rad & also reminds me of the 50s & 60s are high waisted bottoms! I love this look because they makes me feel confident and I love the retro look they give. These are perfect for those beach picnic days where you just wanna chill and relax or even watch some of the boys surf (;

If you are trying to get those good tan lines I recommend just a normal bikini or even bandeau because you won’t get those bad or embarrassing tan lines! This style is also perfect for just tanning in your backyard or by the pool! You can also wear a simple bathing suit everyday just like a bralette!

If you have somewhere to go before the beach or you need a cover up one of my favorite things to do is to where a light dress or oversized shirt! It’s perfect over a bathing suit, you can even try a lace one that way you can also see your bathing suit under it to add a little style. There are so many other options for cover ups! You can try a dress, romper, skirt, shorts, almost anything looks good when matched with a bathing suit!

If you guys have any other style tips for bathing suits & summer let me know! I am always looking for new styles to try out! ­

- Alli Simpson <3 xo

Summer Swimwear

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