Be The Most Confident YOU!

Improving your confidence gives you the freedom to just be YOU; that most authentic you. The YOU that the world deserves to see. WORK ON YOUR STRENGTHS, LET GO OF  YOUR WEAKNESSES It is a good idea to look at what you like and what you don’t like; your interests and dislikes. As you learn [...]

Summer “TO DO” List

Hello little rays of sunshine!   I was browsing the new and came across this little inspirational summer “to do” list on my friends site -  and wanted to share it. I love it!     – Alli xox


Why do some people just seem so happy and energetic all the time? Don’t you hate them sometimes?! Below I have written a few things I have noticed that they seem have in common. Daddy helped me with this blog. 1. Beauty is all around us. They find beauty in simple things like Sunsets, a [...]

Hats For Spring!

The hat has been an essential fashion accessory for centuries, and at the moment it’s my favorite! You can find very affordable and stylish hats, also expensive and stylish hats! But to me they’re all the same. They look extremely fashionable either way. I think a simple hat is the perfect way to complete an [...]


You won’t believe these delicious cheesecakes have less fat than most. They are made with 1/3 less fat cream cheese and fat-free Greek Yogurt. INGREDIENTS: (CRUST) 1 cup graham cracker crumbs ¼ cup unsalted butter, melted 1 tablespoon sugar (FILLING) 2 (8-oz) packages 1/3 less-fat cream cheese ⅔ cup sugar 1 tablespoon cornstarch ½ cup [...]

How To Flirt Without Flirting

HOW TO FLIRT WITHOUT FLIRTING! With the help of my family, we put together this blog about “How To Flirt Without Flirting.” One of the coolest things is the art of flirting without actually showing the world that your flirting. It is mysterious and attractive to a guy but it also keeps you from embarrassing [...]