Lovely Lipstick!

So since you girls have been asking me what lipstick I have on in my pictures like these… I thought I share my recent ultimate favorite with you all! The base lipstick color is “Naked 2″ in the new line by Urban Decay called “Revolution Lipstick.” PURCHASE HERE – <3 I top the lipstick [...]

Kissable Lips

I think this is my most genius idea yet…putting glitter on my lips. If you are stuck after a new look and have been looking for the PERFECT lip gloss! Use any color you like as a base. Me? I use clear. First, Apply the lip gloss.. Second, take glitter of any kind and softly [...]

Make Up Tips

I am currently on the Welcome To Paradise Tour with my brother…and at every show, more than a dozen girls have been asking me what makeup I use and how I apply it! So… I thought I’d let you guys in on my little secrets of what products I use and the best ways to [...]