Where To Next

Being from Australia and having to fly back and forth to the U.S. has given me an urge to travel all around the world! Whenever I travel somewhere new for work I always love to learn about the different food, cultures, & fashion of all the many different places I am traveling too. There are so many places I have not been too that I am craving to go too! Here are a few places that I would love to travel to very soon! Xx

TAHITI! Growing up on the Gold Coast I learned to love the ocean and to this day it is one of my favorite things. Seeing pictures online of the water and how beautiful it looks makes me want to go there only a thousand times more!

Paris will always be one of my favorite cities! Of course we all know Paris for croissants, lattes, and the amazing scenery but let’s not forget the FASHION! One of the many reasons I would love to travel back to Paris is to shop at all the amazing stores. It would probably take me more than 2 trips just to fit all the fashion in!

Mexico! How fun would it be to take a girls trip down to Mexico with your closest friends? I’m thinking yes! When I think of Mexico I think of bright colors, loud music, and dancing around in the hot sun all day with your best friends! I would love to travel and experience the different culture that they experience there, oh and let’s not forget about the amazing mexican food that is probably there! Hopefully I can take a trip sometime soon with my girlfriends!

Another place I would love to travel to is DUBAI! The culture there seems so different from anywhere else in the world and there are so many different places to see, one day you could be in the desert & the next swimming in the sea!

Last but not least, Italy! There are so many parts of Italy I want to travel to! Theres the coast of Sicily, canals of Venice, streets of Rome, and so much more! Italy seems so culturally diverse with the fashion, food, religion, and people which is why I would want to make sure I would have enough time to see it all! Italy seems like a place you could travel to with anybody, maybe even that special someone (;

Travel is the best thing for the heart and the soul!

Get outta here!

- Alli Simpson, XO

Where To Next

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